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Contrastingly, earlier research found no association between physical activity and semen volume, but as the sample consisted of males that were considered infertile, comparability is reduced [25].In stallions, improvements in seminal volume are associated with increased teasing [26].Stallions were categorised based on whether they were competing or non-competing and further by ages.Throughout the study period, the stud farms gave access to data from 1130 semen collections, 798 of which were from competing stallions and 332 from non-competing stallions.A Kruskal-Wallis test of difference was used to determine if a difference existed in semen parameters between the stallion’s level of competition. Semen volume increased significantly between non-competing and competing stallions, and significantly increased with competition level (p=0.000).A Kruskal-Wallis test was used to identify if any differences occurred between stallion ages and breeds and semen quality. Research carried out with human participants supports the present findings, stating that physical activity has a significant positive effect on seminological attributes including seminal volume, suggesting the outcome is due to the favourable homeostatic balanced of LH and testosterone [16,24].

More concerningly, the mean seminal volumes of both competing and noncompeting stallions were below that of the AI referencing ranges (60-120 ml).The identification of optimal competition management for breeding stallions may lead to increased stallion fertility and economic gain.Methods: This retrospective study evaluated the seminal data of 1130 stallion collections from two UK based stud farms between 20.The data within this study were found to be not normally distributed following the Kolmogorov Smirnov test, hence non-parametric statistical tests were to be performed.A series of Mann-Whitney U Tests compared semen volume, concentration, progressive motility and total sperm count between competing and non-competing stallions to determine if a difference existed between the two groups. A significance value of P Values in stallions competing at lower levels of competition (n=228) ranged from 6.00 ml to 182.00 ml and stallions at higher levels (n=570) ranged from 3.00 ml to 180.00 ml, with non-competing stallions (n=332) ranging from 6.00 ml to 120.00 ml (Figure 1b).

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All of the samples were collected and assessed by DEFRA approved equine artificial insemination technicians at professional stud farms, ensuring at the time of collection animal welfare was not compromised and limiting ethical considerations.

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