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i am a divorced black man looking for someone to meet, talk to, and spend time together.i enjoy discovering the diffences in people and how we can make our differences work .Fine, you are more willful, I'll settle for elusive and a peaceful night.Its just too much headache to get into an argument just for wanting to stay home sometime, or to do something that you don't.A pseudo breakup scenerio with someone I barely knew!!!I haven't cancelled to avoid looking rude, I've cancelled to avoid a bad date, or being pressured into something I didn't feel comfortable with yet.

Together with the assistance of our world without a doubt provides the many earmarks becoming top-notch be a compact insert, for the reason that managing with people everywhere we look through the entire environment, making connection to darker females all over during the planet is attainable, all you need is to approve perfectly into of your choosing.

Anyway, I'm empty inside, it's all I want to do is love again.

I'm 5'9", 184, with some other physical features I'll tel…

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