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My advice to you is stand back cuz Leslie is about to Blow up. A UCF alumna is using comedy to tackle Islamophobia in the new film American Sharia.They're all showing up for a screening at the Lincoln Center in NYC. 21, 2015 is the date Marty and Doc travel back to in 'BTTF2.' Claudia Wells, better known as Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker from the first film, tells TMZ even though she sees some of the cast at convention appearances from time to time ...the whole gang hasn't been together since the 1989 premiere of 'BTTF2.' Wells already scored a bonus.

In other words, they remind me of my own relationship with my sister, exceptthat we don’t currently live in the same city, so we have to drive each othercrazy using only the internet and the phone.

She currently works full time as president of Nadoona Extreme, a health and fitness organization where she works as a personal trainer and youth empowerment coach.

She works on the film alongside Omar Regan, the writer, director and producer of American Sharia.

Dan Harmon publicly apologizes for misconduct against Megan Ganz: "It's not as if this person didn't repeatedly communicate to me the idea that what I was doing was divesting her of a recourse to integrity.

Get Famous Entertainment presents Get Famous or Die Laughing a monthly event that brings great comedy to the Bay Area, featuring well known headliners, while giving local artist a platform to display their talents and reach a wider audience.

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