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Latest formulations removed a bit its sex appeal, which is too bad. 7/10 Bought this in the airport in Bahrain and wore it on my tropical Philippines vacation in 2012. Might be too sweet for some guys, but if you don't mind going the sweet route, this is fabulous. I've since smelled quite a few colognes that have the same scent, which I can't recall off the top of my head. Strawberry citruss , very nice fragrance for a blind buy. I love Black XS L'Exces so had to try the original Black XS.

But I'm going to stick with this one and make sure it's always in my collection. Eating mangoes with bare hands in a chilled AC room. Kids jumping around with their Johnson and Johnson smelling soft night-dresses. I was intrigued by the descriptions of strawberry or strawberry ice cream.

It's full of energy, i'd wear this to the strength training. I used nine sprays..wrist, behind my ears, back & front of my neck, chest, front and back of my shirt. But with subsequent wearings it lost its appeal to me. On my skin the I feel the pineapple smell and green. Energetic, DARK, sweet n' sour, manly, mysterious and unique. Im the only one who smell too much pineapple in it? I tried it at a store and immediately thought of mango, called my wife to ask her opinion without telling her mine, she immediately said "smells like mango" and that was it, I didn't give it a chance to get to the middle notes because I wouldn't like to smell like anything you can pinpoint immediately like a "strawberry perfume" for example (my wife used to buy cheap .00 or .00 "sprays" that do just that to be around the house) and prefer perfumes that use scents to create something new. It's all season and more evening scent (like Versace Eros). Average projection and longevity, for me not a beast at all. Very fresh and uplifting scent with above average projection and longevity. The beginning has this artificial, dark-ish strawberry smell that I really don't like and which kind of matches the design of the bottle giving off an emo-ish vibe, but after 10 minutes or so it turns into this fragrance that has this smooth masculinity about it (because of the rosewood), and is sweet (because of the praline, patchouli, cardamom and cinnamon) with a hint of freshness (because of the lemon).

Because it reminds me of the aroma, you get when you pop open a can of energy drink(Insert which one you like). It still smelled the same, but felt too youthful for mine. Not feels the strawberry and Praline as in Pyramid note. Edit: not saying is good or bad, just saying it wasn't my cup of tea. If you like clasically masculine scents with a bit of an edge I'd definitely recommend you try this.

It smells quite similar to L'Exces but there's just something special about that one and the pineapple note is great. I don't even know how to describe the scent exactly. It's great to be a food snob and all, but occasionally you just want to chow down on Fast Food Burger!

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2-3 horus later, the sythetic strawberry notes turning into something sweet-sour oldschool, rosewoody-patchouli-ambergris scent which is little bit oldfashioned… - sprin/summer/fall, nighttime scent, not too versatile - sillage is moderate, longevity around 6 hours - try before buy Scent (open, top-mid): 6/10 (x2) Scent (drydown, base): 6.5/10 (x2) Sillage: 5/10 Longevity: 6/10 Uniqueness: 8.5/10 Versatility: 6.5/10 Total: 6.375/10 Im just gonna say this. Im sorry, Im sorry, but that is what I get from the versace frag, and don't like it.

Pure starfruit or whatever, and thats exactly what I get in Black XS.

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