Who is natalie mejia dating

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Who is natalie mejia dating

This is an archive of more than a hundred cases involving alleged, admitted, and/ or demonstrable forensic fraud.

That is, it is an archive of cases where forensic science and law enforcement experts have provided sworn testimony, documents, or reports intended for the court that contain deceptive or misleading information, findings, opinions, or conclusions.

Used ink fingerprints taken by police and duplicated them on a card, labelling them crime-scene prints.

Of note, Anderson testified for the prosecution in the trial of Peter Kupaza.

She was the only expert whose testimony connected Mr. She testified that her dog, Eagle, made a positive hit on the defendant's vehicle for biological material.

They were selling clean drug tests to people trying to regain custody of their children.

Testified that he found high-velocity impact blood stains on a night gown that were invisible to the naked eye.

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