Windows automatic update is not updating

Posted by / 27-Jun-2017 01:46

Windows automatic update is not updating

Some people worry that enabling silent updates allows the software developer to download and run any code they want on your computer.In reality, the developer can do anything it wants to your computer if it has software running on it.In the following settings CB refers to Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), while CBB refers to Semi-Annual Channel.WSUS is a Windows Server role available in the Windows Server operating systems.

You can also enable automatic updates for Windows itself.

It provides a single hub for Windows updates within an organization.

WSUS allows companies not only to defer updates but also to selectively approve them, choose when they’re delivered, and determine which individual devices or groups of devices receive them.

Having the latest versions of your applications is important for a variety of reasons: When a new version an app is released – particularly one with security fixes – the developer can’t expect that every user will hear about it, visit their website, and download the update manually.

Instead, many apps – especially ones where security fixes are particularly important, like operating systems and web browsers – will occasionally “phone home” and ask what the latest version is.

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To be able to use WSUS to manage and deploy Windows 10 feature updates, you must have WSUS 4.0, which is available in the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems.